Josh Wood Colour visits ITV This Morning to share our top 2023 Hair Colour Trends

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This week Josh and the team visited the This Morning Studio with three top hair colour trends for 2023. Our experts achieve these looks in the Atelier to create customised  hair colour for our clients and here is how you can create them at home. From California-inspired highlights, to multidimensional hair colour that enhances curls, Josh and the team share their expert tips and tricks you need to create your best hair ever. 

Icy Blonde Hair 

The first look created by Josh and the team is polished Icy Blonde Hair Colour. Being a new mum, our hair model Beckie wanted a blonde that was yellow free and low maintenance. To achieve this Josh and the team used small microlights throughout the hair to remove any pronounced regrowth and create a seamless effect that is perfect for those who love a low maintenance but professional blonde. 

To add an Icy touch to the hair and remove any brassiness, Josh and the team applied the deeply conditioning Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss to refresh Beckie’s blonde and create a mirror like shine. 

To keep the icy tones fresh after colouring, Josh recommends continuing the use of the Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss to refresh and revive icy blonde hair colour between colour applications. 

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3D Hair Colour

To create this 3D hair technique, Josh and his team started at the root with a Chocolate Gloss. By applying the colour to individual strands of hair, the team slowly blended the hair to a caramel tone on the ends with the Caramel Hair Gloss to create a multi tonal sun kissed hair colour. This hair colour trend is perfect for curly and textured hair to make your colour pop and give smoother, defined, curls. 

To create this multi-dimensional colour at home, Josh recommends applying a Josh Wood Colour Chocolate Gloss to the roots and a Josh Wood Colour Caramel Gloss to the ends and blending to create your professional 3D hair colour.  

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Cali lights 

For the last look, Josh and the team went in with Cali Lights. California Lights (cali lights) are best described as a cross between a highlight and balayage and really help to ribbon in a professional golden champagne blonde for Jo. Josh and the team created a root smudge effect using a Miracle System in Shade 7.5 with an Icy Blonde toning shade shot to cover any greys and then emphasised her lighter ends with Champagne Blonde Hair Gloss. This style is perfect for those who do not want upkeep but still want a seamless professional result. 

To achieve this result at home, we recommend using a Josh Wood Colour Champagne Blonde Gloss on the lengths to create a golden sunkissed result. To cover any greys and create your professional root smudge at home, use a Josh Wood Colour Miracle System to match your natural base and blend. If you need any help picking your root shade then please do get in touch with our Client Delight team. 

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Protecting your Hair Colour 

To protect your hair after colouring, we recommend using the Josh Wood Colour Shampoo and Conditioner range, which is packed with UV filters to protect your hair from any damage and ensure that your colour is locked in. For additional colour benefits, we recommend using the Josh Wood Colour Miracle Mask at least once a week to prevent hair colour fade and maintain condition and shine for all hair shades and textures

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