Josh Wood Colour Hair Gloss: Before and After

Josh Wood Colour Gloss can give you rich, tonal, shiny, healthier-looking hair in minutes. Whether you are in between colouring your hair or just looking for a bit of extra shine Josh Wood Colour Hair Gloss boosts your hair making it gleam without setting foot in a hair salon.  

Use Gloss to refresh existing hair colour and condition your hair without the commitment of permanent hair colour. Gloss is a semi-permanent hair dye and results will gradually wash out with shampoo over time, meaning you won’t get harsh root regrowth.

You can also use Josh Wood Colour Root touch-up to manage any root regrowth to prolong your hair colour. You’ll find root concealers, root blending brushes, tinted root touch-up spray and root marker pens, there’s a root touch up solution for everyone at Josh Wood Colour.  

Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss before and after

If your blonde hair is starting to look dull and lifeless and needs some of the brassy tones removed, then try Josh Wood Colour's Icy Blonde Gloss. This fantastic hair gloss will remove those brassy tones by giving you a cooler cleaner platinum blonde and deeply condition your hair as it acts like a conditioning hair mask.  What’s not to love!

Before Icy Blonde Gloss

Before Icy Gloss













After Icy Blonde Gloss

After Icy Blonde Gloss


Josh Wood Champagne Blonde Gloss

If you want to add in more warm sun-kissed tones to your blonde hair, then Josh Wood Colour's Champagne Blonde Gloss is what you need. This gloss will lift your blonde hair colour, intensify shine and keep it from fading. Gloss acts as a barrier to your hair colour enhancing your hair, protecting it from environmental factors like UV rays which can fade colour faster. 

Josh Wood Caramel Gloss before and after

If your dark blonde or brown hair needs some additional love and conditioning then Josh Wood Colour's Caramel Gloss will transform faded hair colour into beautiful buttery warm caramel tones. This gloss will leave your hair refreshed and nourished. Your hair will be shinier, brighter and beautiful in minutes. 

 Before Caramel Gloss

Before Caramel Gloss

After Caramel Gloss













Josh Wood Colour Chestnut Gloss

If you are looking for a hair colour refresh on your brown hair as we move into Autumn, then Josh Wood Colour's Chestnut Brunette Gloss will add warm rich mocha tones to your hair making it look instantly healthier. Simply apply the gloss and leave for 20 minutes, then wash and dry your hair and you’ll instantly have glowing shinier, healthier looking glossier hair. 

Josh Wood Colour Chocolate Gloss

If you want to create that perfect chocolate brunette tone to your brown hair then Josh Wood Colour's Chocolate Gloss will instantly add rich, chocolatey tones and shine to your hair.  You'll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve the perfect brunette shade in 20 minutes!

Before Chocolate Gloss

Before chocolate gloss

After Chocolate Gloss

After chocolate gloss


Josh Wood Colour Copper Gloss

If your light brown or red hair is looking for a lift then Josh Wood Colour Copper Gloss is your hair saviour.  It will instantly lift your hair colour adding in rich copper or golden tones to your hair, making it look and feel nourished, shiny and rejuvenated. A great non damaging way to experiment with hair colour that’s incredibly easy to use on all hair types.

 Josh Wood Colour Smoky Brunette Gloss

If you want to add cool glossy tones to your dark hair then Josh Wood Colour Smoky Brunette Gloss will instantly lift and transform dull looking hair colour by neutralising any red tones, adding depth, dimension and texture to your hair. You will love the versatility and ease of use of this product which will instantly have you feeling amazing.

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