Meet the Atelier dream team

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming Creative Head Magazine, an industry-leading publication, into our house of experts to meet some of the incredibly talented men and women behind Josh Wood Salon. Read on to hear how team work makes the dream work, and what to book in with the experts for...  

Meet the Atelier dream team

When Josh Wood Atelier first opened it was just me and my direct team. I had six chairs. We grew because people wanted an environment where they could work to add different streams to their careers, not just do a '9 to 5' behind a chair.

Josh Wood, King of Colour

Marley Xavier, The Perfectionist

Fashion Week is crazy-busy, and you have to stay strong and balanced. It's hard work - the grind, the hustle. You need to be present, you need stamina.

Book in for: Imaginative colour at any end of the spectrum

Leigh Keates, The Session Star

I met Josh when I won Creative Head's It List - It Guy in 2011, and I was here six months later. It isn't 'my way or the highway'; here it's integrated and you learn.

Book in for: Styles hot off the runway

Danielle Keates, The Leading Lady

I came in as Josh's assistant five years ago. I've travelled so much including New York and Milan Fashion Week. On those trips Josh is so much fun.

Book in for: Effortless, freehand balayage

Melanie Smith, The Colour Boss

I've ticked off so many things from my career's all been through Josh!

Book in for: Easy, effortless blondes

Mason Josh, The Rising Star

Everyone here encourages each other to have their own style and be themselves.

Book in for: Cool and contemporary cuts

Weronika Wysocka, The Paint Prodigy

My career really started thanks to Josh. This is the place I've learnt everything I know.

Book in for: Head-turning colour

Jason Hogan, The Beautifier

I love how Josh pushes colour to the front. Seeing him work is aspirational and inspirational.

Book in for: Trend-led colour

Pete Burkill, The Session Salon Expert

Josh is a real mentor, he really pushes us to grow our own brands as well as elevating his.

Book in for: Editorial styling

Sibi Bolan, Queen of Balayage

Josh is such a pioneer. He is constantly leading and pushing the colour industry further.

Book in for: Freehand lights with balayage queen

Meet the Atelier dream team

Mads-Sune, The Technical Guru

We all come from different places, and we're at different points in our lives, but we all have the same passion.

Book in for: Wearable, runway-ready colour


Jamie Gould, Maestro of Blondes

I'm known for my blondes. You don't get many colour specialists like Josh and you can't help but learn from him.

Book in for: Brilliant, natural blonde


Rob Fitch, The Aesthete

On our team, you end up working with people who share a similar aesthetic and work ethic, which is so important.

Book in for: California-cool hair

Adam Embleton, The Effortless Stylist

From Josh I've learned to be bold and slightly unapologetic, that wherever you are in your career, own it and go for it. Always give your best shot and have the confidence that you have that knowledge..

Book in for: Intricate up-do's




"Thanks Amanda and the Creative Head team. We are so proud to be recognised as a creative force"

Josh Wood

Matt Hawes, Captain of Service

I've known Josh for 28 years and we've always been in each other's orbits! The privacy and the bespoke service that we offer makes the Atelier very unique. In my humble opinion, we do it extremely well....

Book in for: Classic cuts

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