The Best Hair Colours for Neutral Skin Tone

If you're blessed with a neutral complexion, you have the unique advantage of being able to experiment with a wide range of hues. Whether its Champagne Blonde, Caramel or Copper Gold our team is here to help you find your perfect shade. 

Understanding the Neutral Skin Tone:

A neutral skin tone typically falls in the middle of the warm and cool spectrum. It means you have a balance of undertones, neither leaning heavily towards warm (yellow, peachy) nor cool (pink, blue) making you the ideal canvas for a wide range of hair colours. 

How to pick hair colours for neutral skin tones.

The key to finding the perfect hair colour for your neutral skin tone lies in the balance. Whether you lean towards warm or cool tones, consider opting for colours that harmonize with your complexion rather than overpowering it.

What hair colours suit neutral skin tones.

1. Champagne Blonde: A warm, golden blonde shade can beautifully enhance a neutral complexion. It adds a touch of radiance, creating a soft and natural look. Opt for a Champagne Shade Shot in your Permanent Colour and boost with our Champagne Gloss to achieve this shade. 

The Best Hair Colours for Neutral Skin Tone

2. Caramel: A rich caramel brown shade can add warmth and depth to your neutral skin tone. Brunettes can achieve this shade at home using our Caramel Gloss and reapplying every 6 washes, for glossy warm hair. 

The Best Hair Colours for Neutral Skin Tone

4. Copper Gold: Adding a touch of warmth with a Copper Gold Gloss can create a beautiful contrast against your neutral skin tone. Whether you choose to boost balayage or enhance blonde hair it will bring out the natural glow in your complexion, giving you a warm and vibrant look.


The Best Hair Colours for Neutral Skin Tone 

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