The hair advice our mothers gave us

This mother's day, we chat to our favourite mums about the hair advice their mothers gave them - and the advice they will (and certainly won't) be passing down to their family. And our Atelier team get myth-busting!

"My mum always told me that plucking out grey hair meant two new ones would sprout back in its place! I'm not sure how much I believe that though" - Sally

The truth...

"A common question! It is a total myth that pulling one grey hair will produce two. One hair follicle produces one hair strand. It is not advisable though, as continuous pulling or plucking of the hair may cause trauma to the follicle. If you feel the need to get rid of it, cut it carefully at the root!" - Katherine De Rozario, Josh Wood Colour stylist

Franki; @themiddlemama

"I think like all mums, mine gave me the piece of advice that if you want your hair long and strong, you have to chop it all off. I'm not sure I trust it!" - Franki

The truth...

"Getting rid of dead ends that can make your hair appear thicker, as when your ends are split, they look thinner. Getting rid of them is always a good idea, and will automatically make your hair appear thicker and healthier - but there's no science behind chopping it all off, as your hair type will simply grow back how it was before! To keep ends healthy (so that you don't need any drastic chops), I'd always recommend weekly treatments and regular trims" - Jason Sutton, Josh Wood Colour stylist

"I swear by using coconut oil for everything - including hair.

Also, not so much advice, but perhaps a helping tip for parents who find it difficult to let their kids brush their hair. It's sometimes challenging to get my daughter to have her hair brushed, and prefers if it's a game; so I let her brush mine first. That way she lets me brush it with minimal fuss! She also likes having it done if it's 'pretty' - she likes holding a little dish of hair clips and choosing them as we go along" - Yasmin

The truth...


"She's right! Coconut oil is very good to the hair, a good natural protein boost for the hair, it's also really good for aggravated scalp issues like flakiness because of its antibacterial properties!" - Josh Mason, Josh Wood Colour Stylist

"My mum always said if I ate the crusts on my sandwiches my hair would turn curly, but I'm pretty sure that was just a ploy to reduce food waste! I ate all my crusts and my hair is still dead straight, so I don't reckon I'll be passing that gem down to my two kids!" - Shell

The truth...

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way, Shell; but your mum just wanted you to finish your toast. Scientifically, food can't change the shape of your hair. However, foods can affect the quality and health of the hair. For shiny, glossy hair (as well as skin), I'd recommend incorporating oily nuts and fish into your diet" - Nicholas Hardwick, Josh Wood Colour stylist

Sally; @sallyfazeli

"My mum wasn't interested in beauty, but always treated herself to getting her hair done and wanted to make the colour last, so she never washed her hair more than 2 or 3 times a week and so neither do I! I think it's healthy for the hair as it allows the natural oils of your hair to nourish it, I'll be passing that down" - Sally



The truth...

"When you wash your hair frequently, your hair starts producing more of its own oil to 'make up' for how squeaky clean it is - meaning it actually gets oilier and greasier, and appears 'dirty', faster. So Sally's mum is right - 2/3 times a week is a fine amount to wash it. This does depend on hair type though, if you have very fine hair you may not be able to stretch it that long before your hair appears greasy, and if you have very coarse hair you may be able to wash it once a week. However, I'd recommend anyone who washes daily to cut it down; you may have a period in between where your hair 'looks' dirty but it sorts itself out in the long run, and you won't get as greasy as quickly in future!" - Adam Embleton, Josh Wood Colour stylist

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