The hair salon is open and here's what to expect in the new salon ‘normal’

Calling all blondes, brunettes and redheads, the highlighted and the balayaged, the Josh Wood Colour Atelier is finally open! And let’s be honest, it couldn’t have come soon enough for our hair. That’s not to say lockdown hasn’t had its perks for our hair. We’re now armed with the skills to cover greys, boost our colour and get our hair looking glossier than ever, and all from the comfort of our own home. 

But for now, it’s time to rejoice in the professional expertise we've all missed. Time to rediscover your hair layers, top up the bleach and highlights and revel in the transformational power of a fresh haircut. Whatever hair style or colour you have been lusting after in lockdown, the Josh Wood Colour team of colourists and hair stylists are ready and can’t wait to see you. "I’ve missed the craft of hairdressing," says Josh Wood. "When you’ve been in a profession as long as I have, you become almost entitled to touching, playing and creating things with hair, because it’s what you’re doing every day. Now we're back, I’m really re-appreciating the craft of hair," Josh tells us. The Atelier reopened at 12:01 on 4th July and worked over the weekend, colouring clients from the A-list to key workers as part of the NHS National Hair Sunday. "I'm delighted to be back in," says Josh.


Yes, a lot has changed for hairdressers since COVID19 struck the nation, but at Josh Wood Colour, we want to reassure you that your safety is our top priority. That’s why we are taking every precaution possible to make you feel comfortable in your decision to visit us. A leisurely flick through magazines is off the menu, and your experience might feel slightly different from last time you visited, so here's the lowdown on what you can expect. Hand sanitiser, waiting room protocol, masks, deep cleaning and - most importantly - when you can get an appointment, all coming up below.


A new experience 

"I’ve not seen some of my clients for three months, and I’m used to seeing them every two or three weeks, so there’s a lot to catch up on," says Josh. However, this reunion might feel a bit strange for some. As Hannah Betts put it in her Telegraph review, following her first cut and colour since lockdown, "A stranger's touch after months of choreographed avoidance feels curiously deviant. It's also completely and utterly awesome - and I'm not even one of the nation's 16 million single people, starved of physical contact."

Then of course, there's a new feeling to the Atelier itself. "The salon environment is a bit more clinical and a little bit more sterile, but you can't take personality is still there. We might not have a cappuccino and and nice flowers next to us, but it wont make a difference to a good old chinwag," says Josh. "There may not be hugs, but there are a lot of happy tears, not least when I am de-striped and stylist Nicholas Hardwick has given me a cracking cut," Hannah writes in The Telegraph. 


Booking your appointment

For those who are yet to visit us at Josh Wood Colour, there are a few changes to note. To keep both you and our staff safe, and avoid overcrowding in the Atelier, a reduced number of appointments will be available. Please don’t be disheartened if we can’t see you straight away. “What we are setting ourselves up for is fewer appointments per day, but opening seven days a week,” Josh reassures. Booking is now online here. After booking, you can expect text confirmation of your appointment, with the option to respond if you need.

“As we know that capacity will be limited and there may be a wait for an appointment, we are already offering one to one video consultations with our expert colourist team, you can book these now,” Josh tells us. 


The hair salon is open and here's what to expect in the new salon ‘normal’

Help us help you

“We are ready with spaced seating, online booking, mirror consultations (not face to face) and longer appointment times to allow for additional cleaning” says Josh Wood. “We will also give out face masks and gloves to clients on arrival.” These, plus touch-free check in, and protective face visors worn by our staff are just a few of the measures Josh Wood Colour is taking to keep both you and our staff safe. But we need you to work with us.

Please make use of the safety accessories that will be available at the Atelier entrance, wash your hands on arrival, and wear your mask at all times. To keep face-to-face communication to a minimum and reduce the risks that this poses, we also ask that you stay facing forward throughout your appointment and make use of the mirror in front of you to communicate with your stylist and colourist. Please arrive on time and wait outside, and you'll be escorted directly to your appointment. We ask you to familiarise yourself with our full health and safety policy before your appointment.

Feeling unwell?

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway - if you, or any member of your household, or support bubble is feeling at all unwell, please do not come into the Atelier. A new continuous cough, high temperature, or loss or change in your sense of smell or taste are the key things to look out for. We'll send you a health questionnaire 24 hours prior to your appointment for you to fill out.


Can’t get an appointment?

Nothing beats freshly coloured hair, but if the new normal means you can’t get an appointment the moment those roots start to show, here are a few tips from Josh to stretch out your salon style so it lasts a little longer. 

The simplest way to stretch out your colour is to use a root touch up, says Josh. “If your hair is tinted brown and you have grey hair coming through, you’ll need quite a lot of root concealer, so layer up” he advises. “Start with a clean, washed conditioned head of hair, paint our blending brush onto wet hair, and then dry it in with your hairdryer. You can then top it up with either an airbrush or root marker. It really is about that density,” Josh tells us.

“Highlights or balayage are virtually impossible to replicate at home. They are expert techniques and best left to the salon professionals,” recommends Josh. That’s why he suggests an Airbrush for non-natural blondes who are waiting for their next appointment. “Spray in short sharp spritzes, a bottle’s length away from your roots. Give the colour a few seconds to settle before blending in with your fingers,” Josh advises.

Managed to get an appointment, but want to make sure your fresh new colour will last as long as possible? Here are Josh’s top tips for maintaining your colour.

  1. Hydration – it is essential to really keep hair colour looking and feeling moisturised.
  2. UV filters - look for products that have UV filters in them, it really helps to stop fade and prevents colour loss.
  3. Style - really think about how much maintenance you are willing to take on before you think about which colour technique you would like to try. Choosing a colour close to your natural shade will make grow outs look less obvious, as will a technique such as balayage.
  4. Hair care - Invest in good care products specific to your hair colour and type, formulated with ingredients that will maximise the condition and shine.

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