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These 7 Hacks for Curly Hair are Life Changing


It’s official – big hair is back. 

If you’re naturally curly, you’re probably more than aware of what a struggle it can be to control your coils. Trying to tame your hair can be exhausting when you’re fighting frizz, flyaways and more; and a hot day can undo hours of work in seconds. 

But it seems that the shaggy perms and crispy ringlets of the 80s and 90s are long gone. Curly, coily and wavy hair types everywhere are shunning straighteners and blow outs, and embracing their natural curl patterns with outstanding results. 



Celebs are getting in on the trend too. Natural curlies from Tracee Ellis Ross to Natasha Lyonne are redefining hair goals, and in January, Black-ish star Yara Shahadi spoke about how she is ‘taking up more space in 2020’ and starting with her hair. Showing that this trend is about more than beauty, it’s about being you – loudly and unashamedly. 



So, what is the secret to these sleek, shiny, defined curls we see filling up our Instagram timelines? Is it obtainable? The answer is yes.

Turns out curly hair is not that difficult to manage at all, if you work with it instead of against it. Maintaining hair health is of utmost importance to any hair type, but there are a few little tricks to taking care of curls that can take your hair from frizz to fabulous with ease. Take a look at our top 7 simple hair hacks that will seriously change your life, and make you fall in love with your gorgeous, natural curls. 


Use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

Most traditional shampoos contain sulphates to remove dirt and product buildup from your hair. These are very harsh cleansers that can be very damaging on coloured, dry and/or curly hair.

Choosing a sulphate free option like our Frizzy Blonde or Brunette Care range to gently cleanse your hair without stripping it. 




Hydrate your hair

When you brush straight hair, you’re helping to distribute the natural oils from your scalp down the lengths of the hair shaft, but with curly hair it’s more difficult. This is partly why curly hair can get frizzy, it’s your hair’s way of saying it’s thirsty!

Nourish dehydrated locks with a hydrating leave in conditioner or weekly hair treatment like our Everything Mask.



Avoid rough drying

Regular cotton towels are often very coarse and drying, which isn’t great for curls. The cotton absorbs too much moisture, and the roughness disturbs the cuticle along the hair shaft, making it more prone to frizz.

Using a microfiber towel, or even an old t-shirt, to gently blot your hair helps absorb excess moisture without dulling or damaging your hair. 


Plop it

Although it sounds strange, plopping is one of the best things to have ever happened to curly hair. It’s a method of drying your hair, either partially or fully, that prevents roots from drying flat due to being weighed down from moisture giving you more body and volume. Not just that, but it can help your curls to clump naturally. More on this below...


Use a styling product

Keep your curls defined by using a gel, cream or mousse with hold. Apply the product to soaking wet hair to lock in as much moisture as possible, and rake it through or use a wide tooth comb to help distribute the product evenly and promote ‘clumping’. This is where your curls stick together in thick tendrils, which will help give them definition. 

There are practically hundreds of different ways to help your hair create curl definition. Finger coiling can help tame errant curls, but can take a little longer. By separating out sections of hair and twirling them around your finger, you smooth and define your curls before drying for a low-fuss style. 



Scrunch it up

Scrunching your hair before drying helps activate your natural curl pattern. It also helps to get rid of the ‘crispy’ look that gel and mousse can give once your hair dries. With closed fingers and hands flat out, squish your curls bottom up towards the scalp. 



Add volume and cut drying times by using a diffuser. A diffuser is an attachment on a hairdryer that usually has a bowl shape with little fingers. It distributes the airflow of your hairdryer, to cause less disturbance to curls. 

Flip your hair upside down and cup with the diffuser to gently dry your curls. Use a low heat to reduce moisture loss and heat damage. You can also point the diffuser downwards whilst scrunching your hair upwards to keep encouraging your curl pattern. 


Protect your hair at night

Tossing and turning can wreak havoc on your hair. Use a silk or satin pillowcase or headscarf at night to reduce friction as you sleep. 

Although anyone who wants to have healthy hair should consider using a scarf or pillowcase, those with long hair and curly or coily hair should definitely keep their mane protected at night.  As you sleep, your head tosses and shifts throughout the night, and hair and hair can get matted and tangled. This can then cause breakage when you attempt to comb them out. And, just like towels, we tend to use cotton fabrics for bedding, which absorb all those healthy oils.  


So there you have it, seven simple steps that will change your life. Are you a curly? Share your tips below. 

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