Think Pink: Why Pink Hair is Never a Bad Idea


2020 saw pink hair everywhere, and we’re here to confirm: it’s not going anywhere just yet. While ‘pandemic pink’ was popular, ‘post-pandemic pink’ looks set to be a big trend this year. In this next installment of our hair colour series, we take a look at our favourite pink hair looks and how we’re going to see them in 2021. 

Florals? In Spring? Groundbreaking. 

Pastel pink hair is giving us that Spring, thank-god-winter-is-nearly-over feeling. An easy and non-committal pop of hair colour,  that washes out fast, pastel pink hair has been a fantastic option over lockdown and while hairdressers have been closed. It’s also shown us that there’s a pink hair look in everyone - and with spring coming up, the prettiness of pastel pinks goes hand in hand with more light, sunshine and longer days. 


We’ve had some fantastic inspiration for pretty, soft pink hair: Queen Charlotte’s pastel pink wig in Bridgerton gives us the playful decadence of pink hair that we love:


But why does pink hair have such sticking power, such impact and longevity as a trend? The Guardian points to the shade as ‘the colour trend of the pandemic’, and the rose shade continues to dominate popular culture like none other. It’s adaptable, wearable and flattering; like this blended blonde pink hair colour created in our atelier:


Perhaps it’s the sheer glamour of the hue. Hollywood, as ever, knows how to give us hair colour envy. Both Shakira and Rebel Wilson show us that hot pink is always, well, hot.

Rebel Wilson recently combined her blonde hair with a hot pink dip dye, creating a pop of colour slightly away from the face: 


We also saw Shakira looking amazing with hot pink hair, styling it into a bouncy blow dry - showing off the way the raspberry pink reflects the light and can hold those gorgeous multi-dimensional tones best showcased in long hair:


Our own Principle Hair Colourist Issie Churcher reminds us that bright pink hair never fails to be eye-catching. ‘2021 pink hair is bright bubble gum coloured, or hot pink with a sheer glaze, so it's not too heavy and red looking. We’re seeing pink in its truest form, but it’s no longer just for girls - it's become inclusive, genderfluid and worn proud.’

This bubblegum pink - think Doja Cat - looks particularly striking on short hairstyles, like this from our salon last year:


And let’s not forget everyone’s favourite queen, Bimini Bon Boulash, for whom our own Veronica created this stunning pink look:


The key to successful pink hair is in the variety of options: from Magenta hair to Rose Gold hair to Peach hair , there’s a shade, technique and option for every skin tone and every kind of expression. For face framing, blended hair colour and that heavy-rooted pink hair, this look by Josh for Versace shows us how it’s done:


We love a peachy pink hair colour for warmer tones, like this root smudge look from our salon:


 or a washed-out, highlighted soft lilac palette for cooler ones.


Pink hair is also desirable as a shade that still looks good even as it fades and washes out, or as a gentle tint of hair colour, like an under colour or balayage, without committing to a full head of pink colour. It also looks fantastic on all hair textures, in highlights or sections, looking glamorous and shiny on straight hair or soft and flattering on curls and waves.


A soft pink wash can be achieved at home with our Cherry Gloss hair treatment. Simply dilute with the Miracle Mask, and apply to hair like a hair conditioner to create a temporary pink tint. 

At Josh Wood Colour, we’re all about creativity with hair colour, and recognising the importance of storytelling, individuality and identity expressed through our hair - which is why we’re passionate about developing a range of products that reflect this. Watch this space for our newest launch coming this Spring. 

Thinking about pink? Whether you save these looks to take to your hairdresser, or experiment at home, we’ll see you there.





Think Pink: Why Pink Hair is Never a Bad Idea

Issie Churcher is a Master Colourist at Josh Wood Colour. Issie's love of all things colour sees her creating bespoke looks, ranging from classic colour with a modern twist to bang on trend shades that will take you from one season to the next. She effortlessly mixes beautiful colour palettes with innovative techniques, resulting in stunning, wearable hair. Click here to visit her in the salon. 

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