When Josh Wood Colour visited ITV'S This Morning

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This week Josh and the team took over ITV’S This Morning alongside Trinny Woodall to work their magic on three lucky ladies who were in need of a makeover. From Icy Blonde, to a glamorous copper lob, Josh and the team share their expert tips and tricks to creating a look that enhances your natural beauty. 

 Icy Blonde 

For the first look, the team opted for a cool-toned makeover, that complemented Sally's cooler undertones. Josh and the team re-bleached Sally's hair with a root bleach and applied a Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss to completely remove any brassiness in the hair and give Sally's hair a fresh Icy look. To finish the look, the team tightened up the sides of Sallys short cut for a style that is softer on her skin tone. 

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When Josh Wood Colour visited ITV'S This Morning

Golden Champagne Brunette

For look two, Emily the busy mum was in need of a change from her everyday go to, the mum bun!  Josh and the team removed Emily’s highlights and instead worked with Emily’s natural curls, opting for a golden champagne brunette that is low maintenance and easy to manage. For Emily's look the focus was on moisture, Josh and the team applied our Miracle Mask, to give the hair a healthy glow, tame Emilys curls and create the effortless but chic look Emily was after. 

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When Josh Wood Colour visited ITV'S This Morning


Glamorous Copper 

For look three, Josh and the team transformed Pearl a natural redhead, into a softer, more glamorous copper, using the Josh Wood Colour Copper Gold Gloss and face framing balayage techniques. By removing some length from Pearls hair, the team created a flattering long bob (lob), that really helps to give a glamorous but easy to manage style for Pearl. 

To achieve this result at home Josh and the team recommend using our Copper Gold Bundle, which includes our Permanent Colour and Semi-Permanent Copper Gold Gloss for the ultimate copper treat. 

When Josh Wood Colour visited ITV'S This Morning


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