Top tips for bold colour

Josh is credited as the guy who put colour on the catwalk, most recently (and most notably) for Marc Jacobs’ autumn/winter 18 offering at New York Fashion Week. After declaring that “extreme colour is here to stay”, we tapped Josh for his top five tips on what to keep in mind if and when you’re thinking about a big colour change.

1. Wear it your way

“Try adding an accent of colour; you don’t always have to go with a solid block colour. You can even try colour on the ends or a mix of layered colours to create dimension.”

2. Build up to bold

“If you’re not 100% sure about trying something super bright straight away, try a subtler shade to ease your way in or – if you’re blonde – give a pastel gloss a go.”

3. Be patient

“Getting a really vibrant, extreme colour can involve multiple processes (like pre-bleaching before applying bold colour) so be prepared to spend a fair few hours in the salon chair for a great result.”

4. Look after your colour

“You should always use a mask directly after your colour, then follow up with mask treatments twice a week to deep condition and hydrate your hair after bleaching.”

5. Go for it!

“If you’re brave enough, it’s for everyone – you can try teal one week, fuchsia the next. Colour should be experimental; if you’re going to try it, have some fun with it.”

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