Hair Colour Trends & Ideas for Spring 2024

Created on March 21, 2024

Spring has sprung, now is the perfect time to shed your winter look and begin the bloom into summer. We recently chatted to our Advocate Colourist Dan Doyle to discover the perfect springtime hairstyles for 2024. 

Spring Hair Idea for Blondes: 

We’ve all heard of Succession and how the quiet luxury aesthetic is taking over the world. Celebs like Sophia Richie and Matilda Djerf are popularising the understated, not bright but sleek blonde hair colour. With the ‘old money blonde’ look at the forefront, with its golden and creamy highlights, creating a more ‘lived-in’ look. 


You can achieve a similar look at home using Josh Wood Colour’s Champagne Blonde Hair Gloss, and for those wanting a permanent colour, try mixing in a Champagne Blonde Shade Shot for warmer toned hair to achieve the perfect old-money aesthetic. 

Spring Hair Ideas for Brunettes:

In the seasons where we’re a little paler than we’d like, to add a cool tone could risk washing you out. For dark brunettes, let's add a touch of warmth and spice to our hair using the Josh Wood Colour Semi-Permanent Chestnut Brunette Hair Gloss. Designed to refresh your hair with a luxurious, warm red toned Brunette that lasts up to 6 washes. 

For both dark and light brunettes, why not refresh and enrich your brown hair colour with the Semi-Permanent Chocolate Brunette Hair Gloss. Designed to enhance brunette hair with a luxurious, espresso-inspired chocolate brunette finish.


Spring Hair Ideas for Red Hair:

The trend of red hair is not stopping any time soon. The sunkissed, understated red is the  ideal tone of red this year; focusing on lived in red with a few lighter pieces at the end, but being careful to not have a dip dye situation. Achieving a subtle red is easy with Josh Wood Colour Semi-Permanent Copper Gold Gloss on already lightened/red hair. If Copper isn’t your cup of tea, why not try a Cherry Hair Gloss this spring for the ultimate red hair! The Cherry Hair Gloss can also work on brunette hair and layered styles to create a more subtle nod to the Cherry Colour. The lighter your base colour, the more vibrant the colour result the Gloss will deliver. 

Haircuts for Spring 2024:

As the weather heats up, shorter and more carefree styles are in! The timeless, cheekbone skimming style allows for a fresh, ‘cool-girl’ look that’s taking TikTok by storm. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the perfect Parisian bob; focusing on a one-length cut with or without bangs to create that effortless chic look.

We recently spoke with our Principal Stylist Nicholas Hardwick and Advocate Stylist Samuel Ashcroft on their top 2024 haircut trend. Read more about what they had to say here.

The ultimate goal for spring 2024 haircuts is all about being effortless and having a good care routine. Long gone are the days of heat damage and bleached ends. 2024 is all about allowing more carefree styles to shine through. For those who regularly colour their hair, sub in the Josh Wood Colour Miracle System. Josh’s unique formula penetrates deep into each and every single hair deposit and locks in nourishment with vitamins B3, B5 and Omegas 3 & 6, to deliver a result that’s clinically proven to strengthen hair by 2.7x. And of course a good hair care routine is key to protecting your colour and shine. 

For care, opt for the moisturising and colour protecting Dry and Damaged Shampoo and Conditioner and use Miracle Mask at least once a week for the ultimate boost. 


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