How to refresh your hair with a Shade Shot gloss

A Shade Shot gloss (as credited in British Vogue as "the beauty team's hero of the Josh Wood Colour range") is perfect for counteracting unwanted tones and maintaining your colour. It also doubles-up as a nourishing treatment for your hair, so it’s win win!  

Fancy giving it a try? First up, you need to decide which Shade Shot is best for your hair and needs:

If you’re brunette who prefers a cooler brown and your colour tends to fade a little red, you need the Cool Me Down Shade Shot. If you prefer a bit of a richer brunette, the Warm Me Up Shade Shot is the one for you.

If you’re blonde and you prefer an ashy tone, Keep Me Cool will neutralise any brassy tones, whereas Give Me Sun will add a bit of warmth and vibrancy to blonde shades.

Once you’ve picked up your Shade Shot and your Everything Mask, you can follow Josh’s tips on how to mix and apply your colour gloss below:

Quick steps to recap:

  • Always wear gloves 
  • Pump equal amounts of your Shade Shot and the Everything Mask (as much as you need) into your hands
  • Mix together
  • Apply all over your hair
  • Comb through 
  • Leave for five-ten minutes before rinsing.