5 Bewitching Ideas for Black and Dark Brunette Hair this Autumn

As we slip into Autumn’s crisp and, quite frankly, damp months, October isn’t quite bringing it’s usual spooky charm. Still, it’s the perfect season for dark haired beauties to shine – with or without Halloween festivities.

With salons across the UK taking extra precautions to keep clients safe, a fresh new look could be just the thing to boost your spirits. Even if you’re apprehensive about committing to a permanent change, dark brunettes hold beautiful, rich tones that can be emphasised with subtle tints from semi-permanent colours.

From eye catching cuts to creative shades, get inspired by these seven ways to switch up your black or dark brown hair.


5 Bewitching Ideas for Black and Dark Brunette Hair this Autumn


Taking inspiration from gothic icons like Wednesday Addams, and give your hair dazzling depth with cool, smoky undertones. Think Prada’s #AW19 show, where Josh created these high contrast looks.

“The whole show concept is a ‘dark romance,’ with a nod to a gothic-y kind of girl with the braids and some extreme haircuts,” explained Josh.

“There are references to the 20s as well, but then we also have some simple middle-parting ponytails at the show with the accents of these extreme looks. The combinations of the looks make them stand out, which is very Prada, as a subversive idea of beauty.”

If your hair has a lot of red or warm undertones, try cooling them down with the Josh Wood Colour Smoky Brunette Gloss. Working with your hair’s natural highs and lows will ensure multi tonal colour, that stops your hair from looking flat – a risk you run with using traditional black box dyes. Smoky Brunette can also create a particularly striking effect on warmer skin tones.

Take a look below at the difference in Faye after she swapped her usual Chestnut Brunette Gloss for the Smoky.


Brunette balayage 

If the gothic look isn’t quite your thing, why not try weaving lighter brunette tones with a soft balayage? A low lift can add gorgeous tonality to dark hair, and emphasise the texture of wavy and curly hair.

Chocolate and caramel shades are perfect for deep brunettes who want natural looking warmth. Maintain your lengths with Chestnut Brunette, Caramel or Champagne Blonde Gloss or, if you’re a fan of Pumpkin Spice, take it up a notch with Copper Gold Gloss.

A dusky blush like Rose Brunette will leave you looking pretty in pink, and works well across a range of brunette shades.

Fade to grey

There is truly something magical about super dark strands transitioning into sparkling silver hues. It’s a great twist on your normal hair color plus, if you’re growing out your natural grey, this can help to blend through streaks and strays as you transition.

If you’re working with roots rather than streaks, softening the demarcation with a balayage will blend your hair through seamlessly. As with a regular balayage, sweeping sections of highlights are woven amongst blocks of colour to break them up, but the grey shades will help to camouflage natural hairs and blend them together for a more natural look.

As always, ombre is something that should be left to the professionals, especially if you’re lightening hair from a dark base. Book in a consultation with your salon to discuss what steps would need to be taken to achieve this look for you.

Split colour

If you’re the adventurous type, it can often be difficult deciding on what your next colour will be. Well, why settle for one shade when you can have two? October is peak Libra season, so split colour is perfect for this indecisive star sign.

Whether you go for a Cruella DeVille-esque half and half, make a statement with a block colour fringe, or a bold underlayer, you can let your creativity run wild.

Atelier Colourist Veronika created this monochrome look that combines pale ash with smoky brunette, with stunning effect. For this style we would recommend maintaining your colour by using Icy Blonde Gloss on your underlayer and Smoky Brunette on the top – just make sure to clip up the top section to avoid smudging.

Hint of a tint 

A subtle shimmer of colour can give dark hair a boost. Deep, berry and jewel tones reflect the changing colours of the Autumn season, and transition well into Winter as they evoke spicy, warm drinks and treats.

Try a gloss like the Berry Brunette, which gives dark hair a soft, raspberry undertone that won’t fade red or orange, or try a bold colour like Cherry for a rich, wine red finish.

If you’re looking for a subtle yet striking shade, try playing around with blue and purple hues. A bold royal blue will give an inky, midnight sky effect to black shades, whilst a vivid purple can emphasise green eyes on warmer skintones.

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