Everything you need to know to colour at home with confidence

In lockdown, colouring your own hair is now an essential skill for many of you who are asking us how to best maintain and refresh your colour at home. While our expert team may not be able to look after you in person, they have shared their top tips and tools to take into the bathroom with you.

Whether you want to go down a permanent or semi-permanent route for your roots, when attempting to DIY dye, technique really is everything. Read on to colour with confidence…..

Cover every grey with permanent colour

Permanent colour lives the length of the hair so nailing your application is super important. Our Permanent Colour Kit gives 100% grey coverage, but it's also in the application, so the trick here is to take your time and really make sure you’ve caught every last grey.

  • Give your hair a good brush through first, smooth hair makes for a smoother application.
  • Sectioning will be your saviour. Josh personally recommends the hot cross method. Split your hair into four sections using the tail end of your tint brush or the nozzle of your bottle. Neater sections mean a neater and easier application.
  • Make sure to avoid catching any baby hairs in your barrier cream as this will stop the colour from developing here – you can always use the stain removing wipe to get rid of any excess colour when you’ve finished applying your colour. Both are provided in our colour kits.
  • Because our colours do not contain ammonia that opens the hair follicle they are kinder to hair, but it means colour needs to be tightly pushed onto the hair so the colour takes. Be careful not to accidentally ‘brush’ the colour off as you apply.
  • For simple, precise and mess-free application try our accessories kit

Get the full Gloss treatment

Think of our Glosses like semi-permanent treatment masks, which condition as they colour for high shine results. For salon-worthy results follow the steps below:

  • Apply the Gloss to cleansed towel-dried hair. Brushing your hair first will give an even canvas and a more even end result.
  • If you are using the Icy Blonde Gloss to banish brassiness apply the Gloss to the areas you most want to neutralise first. 
  • Twenty minutes is the optimum time to leave the Gloss on, however, if you have very light blonde pieces only apply the Gloss to these for the last 5 minutes. Or build up application time to get the desired result. 
  • Our semi-permanent colour is housed in a deep-conditioning mask base with Shea Butter and Perilla Oil conditioning extracts, to hydrate the hair as it colours. If you have dry hair you can apply the Gloss root to tip, if not apply through the mid-lengths and ends.

Buy time with a root touch-up

If you want to prolong the time between permanent colours or keep your greys at bay until your salon reopens, our temporary root touch-ups are the solution for you.

  • Our Blending Brush is a semi-permanent root touch-up, which last up to three washes. For best results apply the colour on clean, damp hair and blow-dry in. Less is more with your application. Gently pump the Blending Brush one or two times, to release a little colour onto the applicator, too much and it’s best wiped away. Apply lightly and go back over the areas where you want to build coverage. Be careful to paint on your roots only, avoiding your scalp, as this is a concealer giveaway.
  • Spray the Airbrush in short sharp spritzes, holding a bottle length away from your roots. Give the colour a few seconds to settle before blending in with your fingers
  • If you only have a few stray greys popping up the Root Marker is best for you. Their waxy consistency makes them perfect for covering stray greys along the hairline. Simply draw on and blend in with the warmth of your finger or the applicator provided.


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We know the feeling of freshly coloured hair can't be beaten, until those pesky roots peek back through. While colouring your roots may be a regular beauty ritual for some of us, for others it means another trip to the salon, and that's not so easy right now. So to help you during this time at home, we'll be introducing you to our range of Root Concealers, designed to help you paint away greys with ease. If you have greys coming through thick and fast you'll want to use a root concealer with some longevity. Once blow-dried in our Blending Brush lasts up to three washes. Thanks Genevieve @this_is_fifty for showing us how easy it is to do yourself. Pump the product, paint on damp hair, blow-dry in and voila no more greys

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