We've got you covered! With our guide to root concealing

We know the feeling of freshly coloured hair can't be beaten, until those pesky roots peek back through. While colouring your roots may be a regular beauty ritual for some of us, for others it means another trip to the salon, and that's not so easy right now. So to help you during this time at home, here's our guide to root concealing. Read on for Josh's tips on how to paint away the greys and discover the type of concealer best suited for your level of regrowth. Our aim? To have you totally covered...

Heavy grey coverage

If you have greys coming through thick and fast you'll want to use a root concealer with some longevity. Once blow-dried our Blending Brush lasts up to three washes.

Which one you use depends on your preferred method of application. The Blending Brush's tapered head allows for more precise coverage. If you're new to Root Concealers we'd recommend you try the Blending Brush first.

Apply the Blending Brush on clean, damp hair. Less is more with your application. Gently pump the Blending Brush one or two times, to release a little colour onto the applicator, too much and it's best wiped away. Apply lightly and go back areas where you want build coverage. Be careful to paint on your roots only, avoiding your scalp, as this is a concealer giveaway.

Help for highlights

'Highlights or balayage are virtually impossible to replicate at home. They are expert techniques and best to left to the salon professionals', recommends Josh. However, you can disguise grey or dark regrowth with an Airbrush. For the best application, spray in short sharp spritzes, a bottles length away from your roots. Give the colour a few seconds to settle before blending in with your fingers.


Stray greys

'Don't start the cycle of home-hair colouring earlier than needed', says Josh. If you only have a few stray greys popping up it's best to simply colour them in using a temporary root concealer. Our Root Markers have a waxy consistency that make them perfect for covering stray greys along the hairline. Simply draw on and blend in with the warmth of your finger or the spoolie brush provided.

Your tool-kit of concealers

Blending Brush

The brush applicator allows for easy and precise coverage to roots as they starts to grow through. Use the flat side or tip of the brush to paint colour along the hair line and parting. Apply to damp hair and dry in and the semi-permanent formula lasts up to three washes. Some of our clients have shared a great tip - they top up Blending Brush coverage with a spritz of the corresponding Tinted Dry Shampoo for maximum cover. The Blending Brush is available in Darker Brown, LIghter Brown and Darker Blonde (Apologies - the Red and Black shades are currently sold out).



This 3 in 1 hair multi-tasker revives roots in a spritz or two, covering greys with hair-matching colour, refreshing hair texture and giving a volume boost. Designed for grey coverage, many clients without greys tell us they love the tinted finish too, as it doesn't leave any white dry shampoo residue. Spritz on a bottle length away and work fingers through roots for best results. It can also be used over our other root concealers for double coverage. Another great tip we learnt from our community! Available in Darker Brown, Lighter Brown and Darker Blonde

Root Marker

The nifty marker with a waxy, crayon-like texture allows you to easily draw colour over stray greys, so it's ideal for single strands and smaller areas. It comes with a spoolie brush to brush the colour through, or you can use fingers to work it in. Available in Champagne Blonde and Icy Blonde.

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