Our Top Hair Colour Trends for 2023

January here we go again.. The start of a new year inspires a change in a lot of us and what better way to start 2023 than with gorgeous new hair! Whether it's a new year, new you or you are simply looking to change up your colour. Josh Wood’s Creative Master Colourist Jay Hogan is here to share his expertise on the top hairstyle trends for 2023. 

Barely There Black And Deepest Rich Espresso Hair Colour

Starting on the darker end of the spectrum we are seeing lots of deep rich espresso and barely there black hair colour. Tim Burton's recent return to Netflix with Wednesday has put Jenna Ortega in the spotlight with her glossy raven hair and people are really lusting over that nouveau emo with glasslike shine! Keeping the hair colour softer around the face is key so it does not feel too heavy. 

For Brunettes looking for the the ultimate cool, dark, glossy hair colour finish add a Smoky Brunette shade shot to your Josh Wood Colour Miracle System. Smoky Shade shot is available for shades 4.0 - 6.0. If you need any help picking your shade then please do get in touch with our Client Delight Team. 

Light Brunette Hair Colour/ Deepest Blondes 

For our light brunettes and deepest blondes there is nothing Jay loves more than lightening things up a level or two to create an all over rich caramel hair colour. On those with peach undertones a little more warmth can be added and maintained with the Josh Wood Colour Caramel Gloss. For those with cool or pink undertones, a cooler toned caramel is the top 2023 hair colour trend. With this hair colour idea for 2023 richness is key to keep that complexion glowing! Think Kate Middleton and Jessica Alba for celebrity Inspiration. 

Rich Copper Hair Colour

Intense coppers and rich ambers are always striking this time of year especially when the skin is a bit paler. To create a really interesting redhead, Jay loves to layer the colour, creating depth in the nape, brightness in the crown and a midlight moving internally to connect the contrast and to add texture for the perfect fair skin hair colour idea. Christina Hendricks and Jessica Chastain vary their shades with the season and show how wearable and glamourous these hues are. If you want to flirt with the idea of being a redhead a semi permanent Josh Wood Colour Copper Gloss is a wonderful way of dipping your toes in the water without the commitment. 


Bright Blonde Hair

Blondes are always in demand in our Atelier and this time of year it's especially important to keep everything bright and deliberate. Without our summer tans a blonde that is too deep around the face can make you feel washed out. Jay likes to use a halo technique around the hairline, by adding soft lights to give brightness and pop when the hair is down; this also helps to prevent a dark or a dull appearance when the hair is up. Through the body of the hair Jay likes to work through a softer blonde just to add a little texture to the natural tones. Julianne Hough and Gweneth Paltrow wear this beautifully. 

Achieve this shade at home by mixing in the Josh Wood Colour Champagne Shade Shot to your Miracle System and perfect and maintain with the Josh Wood Colour Icy Blonde Gloss to correct brassy or yellow tones in blonde hair for the ultimate cool icy blonde finish or the Josh Wood Colour Champagne Gloss for a lovely golden tone. 

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