Always fancied seeing yourself as a redhead? This time it's on us.

Calling all red hair colour fans! Whether you're a blonde or brunette tempted to try a red semi permanent colour, a red hair dye regular or a natural redhead shades looking for a refresh, we have exciting news for you. In honour of our new red Gloss collection, we're offering to turn you red with our exclusive MakeMeRed service. 

Know the shade you'd love to try - Copper Gold, Berry, Rose or Cherry? Just send us a photo to For the first 200 received*, we'll retouch your hair red in your photo to give you an idea of the colour result on your hair, and allow you to revel in your redhead dreams. Just like Lee, Josh and Sara from our community (below), who have tried the look for real. Sara and Lee wear Cherry and Josh wears Copper Gold Gloss.

Not sure on best red hair colour shades for you? Just let us know if you'd like a bold or subtle colour  finish and we'll suggest the best shade to suit, or try our consultation for an instant red recommendation. 

Always fancied seeing yourself as a redhead? This time it's on us.

Ready, selfie, go

Time to submit your shot? For the best results please take a selfie against a white wall, in natural daylight, so we can see your true hair colour. Make your head the focus in the frame, with as much hair visible as possible.  

*The MakeMeRed service opens 9am on 19/07/20 on a first come basis for the first 200 images received. Please note by submitting your photo you'll consent to us storing and using your image and using your email address to send the retouched photo to you. We love to share our community's colour results so your original and retouched photo may appear on our social media or website.  If you’d rather we didn’t do this then please add the words “Do not use” to the subject heading of your email or email us separately at  If your photo is one of the first 200 received then we will return your retouched photo by email within 2 days. The re-touched photo will simply give you an idea of what the colour might look like on you. Actual results depend on the condition and texture of your hair particularly if you have coloured your hair previously.

Always fancied seeing yourself as a redhead? This time it's on us. 

Red hair and its many glorious tones and shades is one of Josh's colour passions. "After 30 years of colouring hair, I know how important finding the right shade of red can be," says leading global colourist, Josh Wood. From finding the shade that suits the client's eye and skin colour and their personality, or creating bright, high vis red that will stand out and make a statement on the catwalk. 

"I've also heard from many redheads in our community who feel disappointed, or even ignored, when it comes to red at home hair colour. I know they want the same modern, contemporary reds that can be achieved in the salon." Red is the fastest colour to fade, so salon clients also want a top up to maintain their favourite shade.

And here's the good news, we've listened and been busy perfecting our new red Gloss collection, featuring shades Copper Gold, Cherry, Berry Brunette and Rose Brunette. They can be used on natural or coloured hair and deep condition hair as they add a shot of red. They don't cover greys, but they do deliver a high shine, gloss finish and all the hair fun, minus the commitment, as the colour is temporary and washes out. 

So no matter whether you were born red, or you're a blonde or brunette looking to experiment, we've put together a guide below on our new hues to help you discover the red hair colour best suited to you. 

Copper Gold 

Red doesn't always have to be bold and bright. Our Copper Gold Gloss is a beautiful soft shade with subtle golden undertones that can look particularly striking on those with very fair skin. It can be used by natural redheads to spice up their existing colour or on light brunette or blonde hair to create a strawberry blonde or copper finish. It's a great way to test drive reds for those looking to dip their toe in the look.

Always fancied seeing yourself as a redhead? This time it's on us.


If you want to make a statement, this fiery red is the shade for you. Cherry Gloss is  eye catching and can look super chic against darker skin tones, as it adds a touch of contrasting brightness to your skin. It can also work on brunette hair and layered styles to create a more subtle nod to the Cherry colour.  The lighter your base colour the more vibrant the colour result the Gloss will deliver. 

Always fancied seeing yourself as a redhead? This time it's on us.

Rose Brunette

With our range of red glosses, it's not only the blondes who get to have colour fun. If you have darker hair and are looking for a subtle way to switch up your hair tones, Rose Brunette is a great choice for you. You won't need to use bleach to achieve a rosy glow and what's more as the Gloss is in a deep-conditioning treatment mask it conditions as it colours. This shade is a stunning choice for those with pale skin. 

Always fancied seeing yourself as a redhead? This time it's on us.

Berry Brunette

The most cool-toned of our new collection, Berry is more of 'blue-red' without any warmth from orange undertones. This shade pairs well with tanned skin or olive undertones, as the darker, raspberry wine tones contrast with and complement golden tones in the skin. 

Always fancied seeing yourself as a redhead? This time it's on us.


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