Root concealer tips and tricks

Not sure which of the root concealers to go for? We’ve got you covered. Watch our quick how-tos and read our tips below to find out how you can cover any stage of unwanted grey.

Airbrush Root Spray

The Airbrush Root Spray is pretty much a 3 in 1 product: it revives and covers roots in an instant, adds volume and is perfect for refreshing your hair in-between washes. You can also layer it over any of the other root concealer products for extra coverage if you’ve missed the odd grey hair.

Root Marker

The Root Marker is great for using on the go as and when you spot any stray greys, particularly around your hairline (if you wear your hair up a lot, this is perfect for you). Keep it in your handbag and instantly colour away any greys as they start to peep through.

Blending Brush

The Blending Brush is the concealer for you. If you need slightly more coverage, you can easily blend away your regrowth for up to three shampoos (depending on your hair). This temporary colour needs to be blow-dried in, so it might be easier for you to apply it on towel-dried hair before you start to style. You can use it on dry hair too if you’d prefer.

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