The Best Tools to Colour Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

Whether you're using a permanent or semi-permanent colour when attempting to DIY dye, technique really is everything. Professional tools are used for a reason, and can help you get the job done with minimal fuss and polished results. 

The Josh Wood Colour Permanent Colour kits all contain a few extras to help you get that flawless finish. High quality gloves that don't rip or tear protect your hands and nails from staining, barrier cream to keep your skin free from smudges and a colour removing wipe to finish. 

If you're a seasoned Josh Wood Colour user, you're probably already a pro at colouring your hair at home, but there are still a few tricks you can use to take your at home hair colour to the next level. 


The Best Tools to Colour Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

Upgrade to a bowl and brush for precise application

A salon quality mixing bowl and pintail brush might look scary, but they're probably the easiest things to use. With a bowl and brush, you are able to clearly see where you are applying colour – giving you precise coverage and complete saturation. Plus, the bowl ensures you're able to thoroughly mix components together and use every last bit of product. 

It's important not to use metal when mixing hair colour, as the chemicals might react, so traditionally salons have used plastic. The Josh Wood Colour Accessories Kit mixing bowl and application brush are made using renewably sourced wheatfibre, which reduces plastic content by 40%. So that's one less thing to worry about!

Sectioning clips

Sectioning hair before application allows you to work faster, and more evenly, and really saturate the areas you need to while keeping the hair you’re not working on out of the way. You're also able to keep track of where you've already applied colour, so you don't miss any areas. Watch below as Atelier expert Saffy shows you how to section your hair using the 'Hot Cross Bun method' that we use in salon.


A gown or cape to protect your clothes

Even with clips and brushes, things can still get a little messy. Accidents happen, we understand, that's why you wear a protective gown when you go into the salon. To keep you covered and comfortable, the perfect gown should be high quality for long lasting effect, easy to remove and 100% water repellent.


Designed by Josh following countless customer requests, the Josh Wood Colour colour gown effectively protects clothing for complete comfort and confidence when colouring at home. This durable long, black gown is styled with full-length sleeves, adjustable velcro at the collar and a tie-fastener on the hip.


The Best Tools to Colour Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

A dark coloured towel

Hands up if you've suffered the pain of finding hair colour on your light coloured towels. A dark coloured towel hides stains from any stray drips or drops, and can also be used to further protect your neck and clothes from smudges.

A high quality towel made from cotton will easily soak up water too, so why not elevate your home colour experience with our Colour Towel. Designed by Josh, our premium quality, dark cotton towel comes in medium and large size so it's perfect for all hair lengths.

Wide tooth comb

Don’t overlook this underrated tool. Rather than use your gloved fingers to pull the colour through, you want a comb to ensure even coverage. A wide tooth comb works across a variety of hair types, and is an effective detangler. 

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