The Miracle System

Allow us to re-introduce you to Josh Wood Miracle System: our pioneering at-home hair colour that has just been crowned ‘Best DIY Colour Product’ in this year’s Marie Claire Hair Awards. All of Josh’s 30 years (and counting) of hair colour expertise went into developing this industry-leading hair colour system, designed for 100% grey hair coverage. Here’s the full lowdown on what’s included, how and why Miracle System works, and what makes it a well-deserved winner - even if we do say so ourselves.

All about that base


Step 1: Choose your base hair colour 

Choose from our range of 11 natural-looking shades, which span 2.0 Natural Black to 9.0 Blonde. Full of expert ingredients including hydrolysed Quinoa and a Shine Complex, this multi-award winning hair dye is providing you with the perfect foundation for your hair colour. Don’t forget to look at your roots in natural daylight when choosing a colour match. Having trouble or want advice? Book a complimentary video consultation with one of our expert colourists to get a recommendation and lots of tips on how to get your best hair colour yet. 


It’s getting personal now

Step 2: Personalise your hair colour with Shade Shot Plus. 

Depending on your base shade, you can now personalise your colour by selecting a Shade Shot; choose from Icy Blonde or Champagne Blonde for levels 6.5-9.0, and Chestnut Brunette or Smoky Brunette from levels 4.0-6.0. Watch this space for more options, though…

The Shade Shot Plus is added directly into your permanent colour, to add multi-dimensional tone and adapt your hair colour to suit you. Love a cool blonde? Opt for Icy Blonde Shade Shot. Want to add warmth and richness to your Brunette? Chestnut Brunette Shade Shot is your winner. 


Miracle by name, Miracle by nature

Step 3: The one, the only: The Miracle Shot. 

Finish off your Miracle System by adding this little shot of magic into your permanent hair colour, along with Shade Shot, for salon-quality at-home hair colour like never before.



A bottle of miracle shot surrounded by white flowers - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert

How does The Miracle Shot work?

Permanent hair colour opens hair cuticles to allow colour to penetrate, then locks the colour into the hair shaft. The Miracle Shot uses the colour to enter the hair shaft, where it gets sealed to lock in its unique mix of vitamins and condition-enhancing ingredients. This gives us hair colour results with 62% less breakage, hair that is 2.7 times stronger and with 38% less colour fade.* We weren’t joking when we said it deserved ALL the awards. 



Damage-Free Colour Done Well

Finally, step 4: time to apply your colour. Towel, bowl and brush at the ready: here’s Bryony Blake showing us how it’s done.


Want more beyond your permanent hair colour? Meet Shade Shot’s big sister: Shade Shot Gloss. This is a semi-permanent conditioning treatment in the same shades as Shade Shot, but designed for all over colour refreshing and moisture-boosting; perfect for topping up those ends between Miracle System applications. 

So that’s it. Gone are the worries about damaging your hair as you colour. All 3 parts of the Miracle System come together for £29, with an option for auto-delivery so you don’t even have to remember to reorder when those grey hairs come peeking through. And with access to our experts and a community of women discovering their best hair yet, we think that puts the ‘miracle’ into Miracle System.



A box of brown hair dye and a tube of chestnut brunette shade shot and miracle shot - Josh Wood Hair Colour Expert





*based on laboratory tests September 2020

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