Your guide to the ultimate autumnal hair

As we begin to wrap up warm and brace for the cooler temperatures, this is the perfect time to give your hair a new lease of life with an autumnal hair colour refresh.

Whether you want to fire up your balayage with sweet, soft tones, create creamy caramel highlights, or add smoky depth to brunette locks, the changing season brings a wealth of gorgeous colours to draw inspiration from.

Whether you're an  autumnal blonde, brunette or redhead, take a look at the five top hair colour trends to wear this Autumn, as advised by Atelier Expert Colourist Jason Hogan.

More than just a sweet treat, caramel is one of those colours that suits a myriad of hair types. For an effortless step into September, and ask for a low-maintenance semi-permanent gloss or tint to infuse your hair with a blend of warm woods and cognac.

If you're an at home hair colourer, why not try our semi-permanent Caramel Gloss? Its buttery golden undertones bring a radiant warmth to both blonde and brunette shades, and the deeply nourishing ingredients help to boost softness and shine. As our Caramel Gloss was so popular, we even made a permanent version: Caramel Shade Shot, which is added into your permanent colour to create that beautiful toffee hair colour.  


The key to this opulent honeyed shade is exceptional lustre, so keep your hair in tip-top condition with the Miracle Mask. For the ultimate treatment, leave on overnight to give your hair a super conditioning boost. 


Deep Espresso Brunette

If you're longing to switch up your naturally dark hair, but feel apprehensive about committing to a dramatic look, don't be afraid to embrace the darkness. Breathe new warmth into your hair by asking for a deep, rich coffee colour.

Start with a strong bitter chocolate root to tip and layer with swirls of warmer hues painted around the hairline - but off the root - for low-maintenance, lived-in colour. 


Your guide to the ultimate autumnal hair

Why not try this at home?  Use our Chestnut Brunette Gloss to give you hints of auburn to complement your mid or darker brown hair. Keep your lengths looking lustrous with a colour-safe sulphate free shampoo and nourishing conditioner like our Care range


 Apricot Copper

If you're a pumpkin spice fan, this is the shade for you. Russet hues and golden undertones will elevate brunette and dark blonde hair for a lively, seasonal look, or return vibrance to a natural copper.

Ask your hairdresser for sprinkles of cinnamon through the body of your hair for depth, and fine vanilla baby lights around the outer layers for extra sparkle. Maintain this fiery shade at home with a Copper Gold Gloss, and create your desired intensity by leaving it on for 5-20 minutes. The longer you leave it, the stronger the colour will be. We also made Copper available for our permanent hair colour customers; a Copper Shade Shot added into your permanent hair colour will create the rich, auburn tone that we know will be so popular this autumn. 


Your guide to the ultimate autumnal hair


Vanilla Creme Blonde

Don't worry blondes, we've not forgotten you! This season's blonde is all about creating light, bright and ethereal lengths with soft, creamy shades. This sweet and dreamy colour combines cool  and luminous golden tones for a subtle yet striking look. 

Ask your colourist to give your ash blonde some highlights in soft shades of vanilla and eggshell to add sparkling depth and tonality.


Your guide to the ultimate autumnal hair

The secret to making this shade stand out is glass-like shine. Help protect and prolong your salon colour by using Champagne Blonde Gloss at home.


Soft Chocolate Brunette

Start with a base of milk chocolate and ask for edgings of glossy golden tones from the eye line down to create a youthful dimension. Maintaining hair with our Caramel Gloss will keep your colour glowing with vibrant shine and warmth. Use across your whole head to help emphasise the natural highs and lows of your hair and add richness to the chocolatey brown.


Your guide to the ultimate autumnal hair

Enhance this natural look by boosting brilliance and sleekness – take care of your hair at home with our range of shampoos and conditioners.

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