How to colour your roots and refresh your ends

If your previous hair colour has grown out, you’re planning on applying a colour darker than your current shade, or you’re colouring your hair for the first time, the roots and ends refresh is the permanent colour technique for you.

Watch and colour-along with Josh as he walks you through his tips and tricks below:

Quick steps to recap:
  • Thoroughly brush your hair
  • Pop on your protective gloves
  • Apply Protective barrier cream around your hairline
  • Make sure you cover your whole hairline right down to your ears 
  • Cover your shoulders with a dark towel 
  • Mix all of A (Your expert colour) into B (Colour activator) 
  • Shake well to make sure everything’s mixed together 
  • Apply the colour from the front of your hairline back towards your crown 
  • Repeat and massage in as you go for complete coverage 
  • Apply dots of colour along your hairline to catch any stubborn greys 
  • For the back of your hair, start towards the top of your head 
  • Apply colour down towards the nape of your neck 
  • Try to apply in small sections for even coverage 
  • Repeat and massage in to make sure all regrowth is covered 
  • Wait 20 minutes 
  • Refresh your ends for the last ten minutes of processing time 
  • Take sections of your hair from the top 
  • Apply colour through the lengths 
  • Saturate the ends and rub in the colour 
  • Wait 10 minutes 
  • Shampoo, apply Deep-conditioning treatment and style.