Radically kind: to your hair, to animals, and the planet




Colour that cares

Here at Josh Wood Colour, we knew home hair colour could be better, be kinder. So we created it - restyling the industry and bringing feel-good hair to all. You know innovation is in our heart and in our roots, and that hair is our everything… though you’ll also be glad to know our kind colour revolution doesn’t stop at hair. 

Our bid to change things for the better extends to the impact we have on our environment. No, we aren’t about to confuse you with jargon, make misleading promises or greenwash what we’re really doing. But we are about to be more transparent, share the promising start we’ve made and detail our plans for a friendlier, more sustainable future.


Radically kind: to your hair, to animals, and the planet



Creating a colour revolution

We’re all about helping you feel good from your roots to your boots. And, while hair colour isn’t historically famed for leaving the lightest of footprints on our planet, we’ve always aimed to take a more proactive path. 

Every ingredient in a Josh Wood Colour bottle, tube or sachet already passes extensive European Union safe cosmetics regulations and is certified cruelty-free. Now, we’re working to add Vegan verification to this process across as many of our formulas as possible. This means our Miracle System, permanent colours and Shade Shots now proudly join our Gloss and Care ranges in being 100% Vegan. 

What’s more, by keeping sulphates, parabens, ammonia and phthalates out of our formulas, you can relax knowing our colour and care is both kind to your hair and the environment. 

Progress beyond products

Improving the recyclability and reusability of our packaging is always on our mind. Ultimately, we want to achieve full closed loop recycling status for all our bottles and tubes. Yes, there’s some way to go, but we’re certainly on the right path.

Right now, our shipper boxes are made out of FSC certified stock, include recycled content and are 100% recyclable (not to mention reusable). We’ve sourced plastic alternatives for our Colour Accessories Kit, the main body of our Precision Concealer Brush is crafted from wood and aluminium, and we use 100% biodegradable material for our Comb. What’s more, the cardboard cartons protecting our products are sustainably sourced and can be recycled up to 7 times. In 2021, we also updated our Care range bottles to be made using recycled plastic, as well as being 100% recyclable.

We’ll carry on working hard and, by 2025, promise that every Josh Wood Colour product pack will be reusable, recyclable or refillable. 


Radically kind: to your hair, to animals, and the planet



Acknowledging our Atelier…

From bottles to bi-products, we’re also committed to minimising waste and making everything we consume every day in our Atelier more sustainable. We are excited to announce our partnership with Handle Recycling. They will be collecting all our plastic, cardboard, hair, aluminium and foils recycling waste, intercepting the waste before it goes to landfill or gets incinerated for waste to energy. Handle will sort this into the correct waste streams, then work with our partners to recycle and repurpose the material so manufacturers of beauty products can put recycled content into their packaging. First Mile will also be offering a zero-to-landfill general waste collection for Josh Wood Colour Atelier. They will use business waste to generate green energy, instead of going to landfill.




Listening and learning

We’ll keep in touch with you on the work we’re doing to make our products as planet-positive as possible. But this is no one-way catch-up. As our Colour Community, you play a big part in our world. Tell us what you think about what we’ve done so far, share your thoughts about the promises we’ve made, commit to doing your bit too and be part of our kind colour revolution. Together, we can make it happen.  



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