Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about home hair colour, answered

Our team of experts are always here to help; speaking to Josh Wood Colour expert colourist Jason Hogan, he answers all of your most commonly asked home hair colouring questions, so you can feel confident that your hair is in good hands!

Who is home hair colour for?

'Home hair colour can be used by everyone - there's no need for an at-home & salon divide! The Josh Wood Colour permanent kit is formulated to give you 100% grey coverage, making it the perfect solution for covering greys easily, at home. Home hair colour can also be used for root maintenance between colour appointments at the salon'.

'But home hair colour cannot be used to achieve everything. Some hair techniques need the eyes and hands of an expert in a salon; such as highlights & balayage. If you want to change from highlighted hair to at home hair colour, you may need to visit a salon to have the pigment put back into the hair beforehand; it's always best to talk with your colourist to work out a long-term colour plan that suits you'.

Margaret wears Josh Wood Colour permanent kit shade 9.0.

Can I use it all over my hair or just on the roots?

“You can use home hair colour all over on virgin hair to enrich the colour; our colours are made to naturally match your hair colour in order to blend grey hairs in seamlessly, but if you’d like to go deeper, you can always buy a half shade or full shade darker than your own hair colour, too. However, once you have achieved the colour you're happy with, we would recommend just re-colouring the roots when they start to grow through, and simply refreshing the ends by leaving the colour on the lengths for ten minutes. Constant application of permanent colour to the lengths of the hair can quickly lead to a build up of colour that can start to look overly saturated and dark, and matte in texture. If you want to know how to remove a build up of colour, read our blog post about it here'.

Can I customise at home hair colour at all?

'With Josh Wood Colour, you can! You can decide whether you prefer your overall colour on the 'cool' or 'warm' side (and if you're confused, you can get in touch with our customer service advisors on hello@joshwoodcolour.com), and then tailor the tone of your hair using a shade shot plus. The permanent colours come, 'as is', in a neutral tone  - this means they neither lean warm or cool, they are simply the colour they say they are. However if you, for example, you want a rich, chocolatey brunette, you could buy a chestnut brunette shade shot plus to use with your Josh Wood Colour permanent kit. You add this into the permanent colour kit as per the instructions, and its patented formula transforms your at home hair colour into something totally unique to you. Josh explains more about shade shot plus, here'.

Can it make my hair lighter?

'What you can’t do, however, is use at home hair colour to turn hair lighter. Applying a blonde colour many shades lighter on top of a brunette shade will not give you the desired result. Instead, it may give you unwanted tones, and a patchy result, and it could turn brassy or orange'.

'The best way to go lighter is to visit your salon with some reference images of balayage or highlights that you like, and to chat to a colourist about your options'.

Victoria wears shade Josh Wood Colour permanent kit shade 6.5 and champagne blonde shade shot plus.

Will it affect the condition of my hair?

‘I’m often asked whether home hair colour will affect the condition of the hair - Josh Wood Colour home hair colour won’t compromise the hair quality due to its expertly formulated ingredients – it doesn’t contain any PPD or ammonia, and it was created with special active ingredients that are extra kind on the hair. Because of this, it requires a slightly different application technique (read more about this below) but it’s overall gentler to the hair than traditional hair colourants. Additionally, in the box you’ll find a sachet of deep conditioner to use afterwards, this will make sure your hair’s in gorgeous condition, with incredible shine. I’d recommend following up with the Josh Wood Colour care range to lock in your new colour, and the Everything Mask for when you want a hit of hair hydration’.

Is there a special technique for applying at home hair colour?

'For Josh Wood Colour home hair colour in particular, we recommend a slightly different application method than what you may be used to. As our hair colour is gentler, we recommend a 'more is more' method, packing it on to the roots to make sure you achieve 100% grey coverage'.

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Permanent Kit

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